Who we are

We are the largest laser hair removal company in Brazil in terms of revenue, number of stores and customers served. In operation for 16 years and present in all Brazilian states, we have a business model based on the satisfaction of our customers and employees, which allows for rapid expansion. During our trajectory, we have treated over 3.6 million customers and have become the top-of-mind brand in the laser hair removal sector in Brazil. We seek to offer all social classes the well-being generated by laser hair removal, providing the convenience of our interconnected network of stores and our omnichannel and digital platform, our dedication to excellence in service quality and flexibility in financing options. Thus, we believe to be pioneers and disruptive in the recent evolution of the hair removal market in the country, causing the gradual replacement of conventional methods of hair removal, such as wax and razor, by laser technology.

As of March 31, 2021, we had 593 laser hair removal stores (owned and franchised) in Brazil, 6 laser hair removal stores in Argentina (under the Definit brand), 1 store in Colombia and 11 Estudioface stores, our brand for offering facial aesthetics services.

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