Laser Hair Removal

In relation to the hair removal market, in 2019, approximately 78% of the Brazilian female population between 12 and 65 years old and 9% of the male population in the same age group uses some method of hair removal, totaling 69 million users. In this context, laser hair removal stands out as the method with the highest potential for adoption by new consumers among the different technologies available on the market.

The Company believes that a differentiated experience combined with advanced and ess painful technologies and prolonged effects, such as laser hair removal, and consumer financing structures that make them accessible to different social classes, can positively influence the hair removal market, increasing the addressable consumer base and exploring a universe of potential new users. The Company believes that the growth of the laser hair removal market in Brazil should be driven by five main factors:

  • Increased Penetration of Laser Technology: the laser hair removal market in Brazil still has a low penetration, equivalent to 4.9% in 2019, especially when compared to coastal countries like the USA and Spain, with 20% and 50% penetration, respectively.
  • Population Growth: the average population growth in Brazil is 1.7 million each year, with an average of 44% of the population undergoing some method of hair removal.
  • Increased Penetration in Other Parts of the Body: the average number of areas treated by users of laser hair removal is currently 2.5 parts among women and 2.1 parts among men, with this average tending to reach 5.3 parts among women and 4.9 parts among men.
  • Increase in Penetration among Men: with lower penetration in the user base, the male audience represents an important growth lever for the laser hair removal market. Despite the low penetration, almost 45% of men consider using some method of hair removal and 37% of those who use hair removal consider using laser and / or IPL technology, representing an important potential for conversion to the technology.
  • Substitution by Environmentally Sustainable Methodologies: the Company believes that the growing trend towards conscious consumption due to environmental impacts will positively boost the laser hair removal segment since the technology materially avoids the residues generated annually by conventional methodologies such as wax and razors , which we consider to be the main hair removal alternatives today, generating a positive and responsible impact on the environment.

Facial Aesthetics

In Brazil, 12% of women over 16 years old use or have already used some facial aesthetics procedure (totaling almost 10 million women), and in the last 12 months, 1.4 million of these women underwent botulinum toxin-related procedures, 0.7 million underwent facial filling procedures and 0.02 million underwent facial laser procedures.

Although in the initial stages, the Brazilian market for facial aesthetic procedures related to botulinum toxin, facial filling and facial laser recorded an average annual growth of almost 35% between 2015 and 2019, representing R$ 3.8 billion in 2019

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