The Company seeks to carry out actions that contribute to the formation of a better society.

The Company values ​​inclusion and acceptance, thus adopting practices that aim to transform lives and promote well-being in different spheres of society. Below we list some of the Company’s main initiatives:

Sponsorship of athletes. The Company sponsors the career of several Brazilian athletes of different modalities, among them, the Paralympic medalist Phelipe Rodrigues, the fencer Paulo Morais, the world record holder for base jump Sabiá, the surfers Sophia Medina and Herbert Moreno and the tennis player Thiago Monteiro.

Mel Acolhe Project. The Company created a support program for its employees who are victims of domestic violence, through a channel to support women. Mel Acolhe offers guidance and legal, psychological, socio-assistance and medical care to women in vulnerable situations. The service is confidential and without any type of interference from the Company, only from specialists. With this project, the Company aims that all employees who need help find the appropriate guidance and feel supported.

Espaçolaser Abraça Project. Espaçolaser Abraça is a project for social inclusion and welcoming people with intellectual disabilities. With attention, affection and adequate training, the Company offers qualification for the insertion of these new professionals in the job market, training qualified people to integrate the teams of the Company’s units and to serve the public. Students are selected with the help of the Jô Clemente Institute, formerly APAE-SP, a pioneer organization in Brazil in promoting the health of people with intellectual disabilities, supporting their social inclusion, defending their rights and producing and disseminating knowledge. In partnership with UDiversidade, the Company created the training course in customer service aimed at people with intellectual disabilities. After a two-month program, students receive a diploma and can be hired by one of the Company’s units. In addition, training is offered to current employees and partners to receive the Company’s new professionals.

UN Women. The Company is a signatory to UN Women. The Company joined this important entity in the defense of women’s rights, making a commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The Company’s purpose with this pact is to contribute to the empowerment of women and to promote gender equality in all social and economic activities. As an example, within the Company’s staff, of the 5,000 employees, 96% are female, with 93% occupying management positions, including 50% C-Level positions.

Project Pregnant Women Espaçolaser. Program that ensures monitoring during pregnancy and safe return to work for mothers who are part of the Company’s teams.

Ethnicities EL. Program for ethnical diversity. Espaçolaser wants to become an increasingly more diverse and inclusive company, welcoming and giving voice to its employees. For this reason, in addition to having a more representative communication, we created rounds of conversation, workshops and a WhatsApp group to create a support network and bring current themes to the agenda.

ELGBT+. The mission of Espaçolaser is to provide well-being to all, and more than that, be a diverse and inclusive company, based on respect and ethics. We wish to guarantee a work environment with respect to all, without any kind of prejudice and free of discrimination, where all our employees may be who they really are. That is why we created conversation rounds and a WhatsApp group to create a support network and bring current themes to the agenda.

EL Cuida. Espaçolaser has created an Emotional Health Program to support all employees who need care. In partnership with the company Zenklub, EL Cuida provides teams with a mobile app where employees have access to various emotional health content, such as: anxiety, depression, stress, among others. In addition to making a daily record of their emotions, employees can hold sessions with psychologists, therapists, psychoanalysts and coaches.

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